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Okwo is a Roblox-Discord bot that allows you to connect your Discord guild with game! In this tutorial, we will show one feature to show you it's capabilities and abilities.


First things we should do, are configure the Guild / Bot and the Roblox Game. For this tutorial, we'll create a Guild called Okwo's Game.

If you don't know how to create a Guild, please follow the Discord's guide!

Configuring the Guild

So we have our guild. What to do next? Let's configure it! Firstly, we need to open the guild's gate for the Okwo bot. The invitation link will surely help us with that.

You should get into something that looks like this

Select the target server. Since we use Okwo's Game for this tutorial, we will select it. Make sure to give him proper permission to manage your guild. If the bot has been added successfully, we will see it's welcome message.

Setting up the bot

Click on the server name and then select Server Settings in the menu. Click on Roles tab and tap on the (+) at the top. It should create a new role. Name it as you'd like, and make sure that proper permissions are checked.

These are the basic permissions, that you should select.

After you're done, save and exit the settings. (Discord won't let you get out of them until you saved them.)

Creating the token

Now we will need to set up a secure code, which no one but you (and the developers you trust) will be able to access it.

Open any channel and type =generatetoken inside it. The bot will DM you the token privately, so make sure you allow direct messages from your server's members.

If you don't want the token you got, or simply don't feel secure enough with it, type =generatetoken yes and bot will make you a fresh one.

Generated token

Setting up the game

Let's go setup our game.

For this tutorial, we'll use an empty baseplate template for the game. Pick up the ServerScriptService and right click with your mouse. Select Script. The script will show print("Hello world!")" by default.

Select the text and remove it.

Let's start by loading up Okwo's module. Okwo's module id is 2021571149, so we will type local Okwo = require(2021571149).

Type in the token id and token you got from the Okwo as local Connection = Okwo.ConnectClient("TOKEN ID", "TOKEN") (Replace TOKEN ID and TOKEN with your Okwo credentials).

We can now test the connection and try to send the message to the guild. Let's do this with Connection:SendMessage("CHANNEL ID", "Hey! It's my first message.") (Replace CHANNEL ID with the channel's id into which you want to send the message).

That's all, you've connected Okwo to your guild. You can now choose a tutorial, which brings your attention and try it out!

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